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Hrsg:Rabensteiner, Pia-Maria; Rabensteiner, Gerhard
Bibliographie:222 Seiten. Kt.
Reihe:Internationalization in Teacher Education
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In this book series experts with their different approaches enrich it with their articles written in their mother tongue as well as in English (sole exception vol. 7). The book series is composed around various basic themes. The main goal is to show how the different experiences of internationalization in the field of education and teaching can be combined with theory and practice in varied work areas. This book of the best practice should be a recommendation for and should reach
• people responsible and interested in the field of internationalization
• lecturers, teacher-trainers, training supervisors, teachers, students
• researchers

showing how Internationalization in Teacher Education is realized and put into practice in different areas and subjects as well as in different countries. Everybody has another access to this topic and different opinions prevail. Due to the great variety of practical and theoretical possibilities, of results and implementations of research, we all can learn from each other to reach the goal to take steps forward to the field of internationalization.
This international exchange should describe and demonstrate not only the variety of local possibilities but especially the enrichment thanks to the information exchange about different regions, locations with their own history, potential, facilities etc.