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Yes, they can! Children researching their lives

Untertitel:A Selection of Articles based on the 2nd International Conference on Research with and by children
Hrsg:Fiedler, Julia; Posch, Christian
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We are all experts on our own living conditions. Women and men, children and young people. We can all judge whether we are satisfied with our living conditions or not. But whose opinion is heard? Who decides? Whose needs eventually lead to change? Some 100 researchers - young people and adults - who participated in the "Researching Children" Conference that took place at the SOS Children's Villages Hermann Gmeiner Academy in Innsbruck from 10 to 12 December 2007 agreed: children and young people must not only be asked but also be listened to and involved in decisions. And they themselves are to decide how to collect data. Because young people CAN do so.
This was demonstrated during the Conference. You can be read about the Conference and about discussions such as: What kind of preconditions are necessary for research work with children and young people to have a real impact and not just be used as an alibi? What methods can be used in research with children and young people and which studies exist on this topic?
Theorists as well as people working in the field came together both at the Conference and to write this book. One participant at the Conference expressed in their view: "Everyone has the right to talk and think about our society" Children and young people do. And they have a lot to say