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Untertitel:Widening Horizons in Intercultural Education
Hrsg:Gieß-Stüber, Petra; Blecking, Diethelm
Bibliographie:IV, 321 Seiten. Kt.
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It appears to be possible to embed sport, constructively, in the multiplicity of migration processes that accompany European Integration in a way which goes beyond inept Slogans about sport being understood in all lan-guages or doing Germany good. The European project initiated by the Freiburg Institute for Sport and Sports Science has taken on this task and is endeavouring, by the use of modeis, to consider the "troubles of the plains" (Brecht) within the contexts of universities, school sport and orga-nised sport, and to enact the intricacies in tangible form, for project Euro-pe, which is still a project of elites. The European Union's eastward ex-pansion, to Germany's neighbours, Poland and the Czech Republic, was an important motivational factor for the project. Direct project partners were universities in Germany, France, Poland and the Czech Republic.