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Mehrsprachigkeit: lernen und lehren; Multilingualism: Learning and Instruction

Untertitel:Selected papers from the L3 conference in Freiburg/Switzerland 2005
Hrsg:Gibson, Martha; Hufeisen, Britta; Personne, Cornelia
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The present volume consists of a selection of papers presented at the 4th International Conference on Multilingualism in Fribourg, Switzerland in June, 2005.These papers represent a broad empirical and theoretical spectrum of the burgeoning field of multilingualism research, and of third (or more) language acquisition. At a general level, the themes of the papers concern the learning, acquisition and teaching of multiple foreign languages, and as well, the surrounding socio-culturaland educational policy issues. As such, the researchers included here are contributing to an ever-increasing body of evidence for the qualitatively and quantitatively unique characteristics of multilingual foreign language learning, learners and learning settings. From the wealth of research contained in the individual contributions, it will become clear to the reader just how uniquely multilinguals operateon the basis of their linguistic and metalinguistic sophistication. The editors hope that these contributions will communicate to the reader at least two messages: first, a compelling portrait of multilingual foreign language learners learning their second, third, fourth, etc. foreign language, and second, the great breadth and variety of multilingual learner characteristics, learning requirements and socio-cultural environments, each of which require careful consideration as distinct spheres of research.